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The EC-47 in Southeast Asia, 1966-1974
360th, 361st, 362nd Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadrons
& the 6994th Security Squadron and its Detachments
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- -Paul Clever's Trip to Laos 2012
Click HERE for 19 PHOTOS Thanks to Paul Clever and his wife Nita

Folks, I finally got reconnected with my web-site files and with the help of Tom Nurre and Joe Martin, I hope we can maybe keep the site up and going to preserve

Our History. J.C.

ARDF History Preserved. Click Here

For the Renewed Search for Cap 72
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Update July 13, 2014

The Air Force Museum Article on the EC-47 ARDF Mission, 1966-1974

Click HERE to read.

Thanks to Charles "Chuck" Miller.

With my Email Address being the same for some 17 years and the "RECENT" Hacking of my ACCOUNTS, "I MUST" finally make a "CHANGE" in my "EMAIL ADDRESS".

"My NEW Email Address" is: theec47(at)gmail.com "replace the (at) with the ampersand".
Thanks - J.C.

Wanted: - If you have any original Squadron Patches or other "EC-47 Mission" memoribelia you would part with, shoot me your bottom dollar. I am looking for such items. Click Here to see a couple of very nice items that have been donated todate.

Thanks for reading this. J.C.

I have LOST All of my Email Address Book. I cannot email everyone individually so if you will PLEASE send me an Email with your Full Name and Email Address,
also put "Address Book" in the Subject Line .

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This Site is made up from data, information, Memories, Photos and other items provided by you, the folks who were a part of the EC-47 Mission. If you have something to share in this history of a most important mission in Southeast Asia. PLEASE add you part by clicking,
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- J.C.

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66. 361st Flt Mechs, April 1967

67. Memories/History of NKP by Ed Marek.



Attendees Lists of Previous Reunion, Click on each year to view the list.
R-1999 R-2000 R-2002 R-2003 R-2005 R-2006 R-2008

If you can identify, please let me know.
Would like to have all the names for a new book.

I have 3 EC-47 Video Clips on UTube, Click HERE for #1. Click HERE for #2. Click HERE for #3.

Can you post this photo on the website? The 94IS at Ft. Meade got this painting from one of their former members and are looking to find the story on it. Chief Pace said it was painted on some heavy cardstock material, and the donor believes it was from the Vietnam era, but didn't have any way to verify it. I tried to see if I could find a name to match the initials on the paining (RWA or PWA), but didn't see anyone on my list that matched what would probably be the 66-68 time period at TSN. Doesn't mean the artist would have had to have been stationed at TSN, but probably would have been. I sent it to several senior NCOs from that time frame and got nothing, so maybe someone looking through your site may know something. It's already on the 6994th site with no hits yet.

Does anyone have any information on this?
If so please email Rick Yeh.

The Analogy


Click Here to read our Impressive History as told by AFSS.
A PDF Document and Takes a few seconds to load. We're on Page 5.

"A History Denied"

Click HERE to Watch a 5 1/2 minute Preview of
"A History Denied" the DVD, with the Memorial to
The EC-47 crewmen lost. Actual Mission Video of What and How we accomplished our Mission from Crew Briefing to Bombing and more. The DVD has a runtime of
47 1/2 minutes. Get your copy/copies click, The Store.

New Items on the Site. "Click HERE" J.C.

VNAF 718th EC-47 Reunion.

Click HERE for some Nice Photos, some you will recognize.

Press 1. for English Give it a minute to load; YouTube.
I do not intend this to be a Political Plug for any individual, Just the Message.

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An RC-47D Shot Down by a MIG, 29 July, 1966.

One of ours, Richard "Dick" Snook, is still Flying the C-47.

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