"A Collections of Documents, Papers & Reports of the Operation"
Predecessor to Operation Phyllis Ann Thanks to Joe Martin
Grenier Field New Hampshire, the early years. Thanks to Chuck Sutton
Operation Drill Press Thanks to Darwin Bruce
More on Operation Drill Press Thanks to Ed Benningfield & George Hollis
EC-47N, P and Q Differences Need Data on EC-47 differences.
The Flight of Brew 41 Thanks to Joe Martin
EC-47 Goon Sparks Memories for Airborne Mission Veterans
Young Men, Antique Ladies Eavesdrop on Communist Stars & Stripes
A letter from a new friend, 1st Crew Chief 360th TEWS, 1966
Some History on Project Phyllis Ann Thanks to Chuck Miller
New Equipment for a New Bird Thanks to George Lattin
The Deactivation of the 361st TEWS From Official Document
Farewell to the '94th from the Spokesman Thanks to Stan Poyas
More on the '94th from the Spokesman Thanks to Dr. Dennis Casey, AIA
EC-47 Last Day Mission Return Photos Thanks to Stan Poyas
Some TEWS History Working Notes From Official Documents
Flying Safety Plaque, 361st Nha Trang 1967-68 Chuck Miller F.S.O.
A Letter from a Sanders Engineer Keith Struckman
A Milestone Photo for the 360th Fred Sanders
24 New Photos of Tan Son Nhut and Pleiku Bill Francis
January 2001 Article includes EC-47. Submitted by: Darwin Bruce
Change of Command Photo 6994th, July 1971. Submitted by: Grover McMakin
Ferry Flight Crew Orders (Crews 34 thru 54). Dave Davidson & Jim Coffman
Various Orders from the 6994th SS. John C. Yunker
Newspaper Article, Close Call. Timothy J. Bollinger
362nd TEWS Folks, Move, Pleiku to DaNang. Ed Diehl
Lt. Col. Jelley Welcomes you to Tan Son Nhut. Joe Felock
Various Blanket Order, 362nd TEWS Folks. Ed Diehl
Various Blanket Orders from Pleiku. Bill Boltinghouse
360th TEWS sets Flying Safety Record. George Dye