More on the Folks of the 362nd TEWS

The Move from Pleiku to DaNang

Thanks to Ed Diehl.

This is a Listing of some of the 362nd TEWS Maintenance Team that participated in the Squadron move from Pleiku to DaNann.

The SSAN is not displayed on these two listings. J.C.

GRADE           Name                            AFSC                    

A1C             Anderson, Emmett B.             43151A
Sgt             Abbott, George A.               43151A
SSgt            Conerowski, Louis A.            43151A
A1c             Warren, Joel F.                 43151A
SSgt            Goben, William L.               43151A
A1C             Russell, Kevin                  43151A
SSgt            Jordan, Elton Jr.               A43151A
SSgt            Mosley, Edward J.               A43151A
Sgt             Fogle, Danny D.                 A43151A
SSgt            Miyaka, Edwin A.                A43151A
Sgt             Wrobel, Donald W.               A43151A
MSgt            Schmidt, Douglas C.             43171A
MSgt            Schuster, Charles               43171A
TSgt            Brug, Douglas W.                43171A
TSgt            Bartlett, Marvin G.             43171A
TSgt            Barlage, Louis E.               43171A
MSgt            Williams, James D.              43171A
TSgt            Brown, Arthur T.                43171A
MSgt            Sawyer, Charles G.              43171A
TSgt            Crane, Michael G.               43171A
MSgt            Diehl, Edwin L.                 43171A
TSgt            Wilson, Phillip L.              43171A
TSgt            Vickery, Allan C. Jr.           43171A
TSgt            Overby, Nelson E.               43171A
TSgt            Sargent, Charles F.             43171A
TSgt            Langhorst, Edward E.            43171A
MSgt            Macleod, Donald M.              43171A
TSgt            Scott, Russell L.               43171A
SMSgt           Witherow, John W.               43191
A1C             Fields, Kip C.                  43151
A1C             Weiker, Steven F.               43231
A1C             Graley, Thomas C.               43231
A1C             Nicolopoulos, Sotirios          43231
A1C             Carroll, John P.                43231
A1C             Griepentrog, James              43231
A1C             Capers, Donnie J.               43231
A1C             Simpson, William G.             43231
A1C             Chester, James H.               43251
A1C             Olsen, Donald L.                43251
A1C             Russo, Michael J. Jr.           43251
SSgt            Lee, Larry D.                   43251
SSgt            Beer, Horst M.                  43151A
Sgt             Moreno, Juan R. Jr.             43151A
A1C             Theodore, Gleen L.              43251
SSgt            Miller, Daniel L.               43251
Sgt             Misiaszek, Joseph E.            43251

Department of the Air Force 362nd Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron APO San Francisco 96295 Special Order 3 June 1970 11 The following personnel, this organization, are designated as Customs Inspectors for the 362nd Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron, IAW AFR 75-25, 72-25A and AR 55-71. Captain Spayd, Thomas Jr. 1st Lt. Sergott, Ronald J. 1st Lt. Vitali, Joseph P. 1st Lt. Spaulding, George L. 1st Lt. Roggenkamp, Gary W. 1st Lt. Achord, Jack A. MSgt Diehl, Edwin L. TSgt Overbey, Nelson B. SSgt Edwards, Kermit G. SSgt Piccione, Frank P. Jr. SSgt Goben, William L. SSgt Fowler, Raymond H. For the Commander Jack Kiser, Major, USAF Distribution Administrative Services Officer 2 - EA Individual 2 - Sq. File 2 - 460 TRW (CAS) 1 - BGAS 12 - 6254th CBPO