The Birth of New Equipment

A Note on the Birth of the Equipment aboard the EC-47

March 1st, 1998, I received from a Mr George R. Lattin,a very interesting E-mail letter. Mr Lattin had visited my site, read my story and thought I would appreciate some background information on the special equipment aboard the EC-47 I flew in Vietnam. His comments follow.

Mr Lattin says, "He was project officer for the first Hawkeye developement and initial testing while with the Commandos 62-65. He flew one of these C-47's from Hurlburt field in Florida, to South Vietnam in Janurary 1963 via Hawaii." He further said "A note of interest, the electronics of the system in the back was first designed and some breadboard testing was done in the basement of the Pentagon, by a Ham Radio Operator by the name of Barry Goldwater."

Mr Lattin furhter said, "Another interesting note, we needed Doppler Radar which was more accurate than that in the inventory at the time. Found that the 89th at Andrews, operating Air Force One had commercial Doppler that was four times more accurate. We sent in the request and believe it or not they took one off one of their airplanes."

Thanks, Mr. Lattin

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