A letter from a new friend.

Date: Tuesday, September 01, 1998 9:12 AM

Dear J.C.

I stumbled on your web site as I was searching for any inf. about the 360th TEWS. It is a very moving for me as I could not get past the second page, of the first crew lost as tears began to roll down my face. You see I was one of the first crew chiefs to be assigned to the 360th in í66. When I arrived there we didnít have any planes. I was assigned the first plane to land as my aircraft. We were barracks with the Flt mech at the end of Charlie row in the 400 area and I knew quite a few them TSgt Payne, SSgt Baldwin, SSgt Ruiz, A2c Hooks, etc. The one Flt mech that I knew the best was SSgt Brenton or as I called him "Pat" as he didnít like the name Prentice. Pat and myself go back a long way. We were stationed in Canada together with KC-97ís on alert with SAC and we shared a room together. Pat and his wife Helen were like grandparents to my children. Pat took me under his wing and taught me a lot about aircraft. He would tell me stories about his tour in the Marine Corps in WW II.

I was surprised the day Pat arrived in the 360th we had a big reunion that day. He was very upset about how everything was going there at TSN and when the chance came to go to Nha Trang he jumped on it as he told me he wanted to get out of there away from all the politics. I tried to talk him out of it but Pat was very head strong.

SSgt Baldwin notified me that Patís crew was missing and it took two weeks for word to get back to us. From what I was told the crew in the cockpit survived the crash and was stripped of the cloths had their hands tied behind their backs and was shot in the head. How true this was I donít know. Anyway I did my time there and was assigned to Pete Field CO. flew on T-29ís than back to Nam on my second tour flying on the Caribou C- 7ís. From there I was assigned to Andrews were I flew C-131ís then to Mcguire AFB were I retired in í80 as a MSgt.

Your name rings a bell with me but I canít put a face with it. I know I have talked with you before or after a mission. Did you live off base at Truman Ky I think thatís how you spell it?

I just wanted to say thanks for the web pages as they will let my grand children know what I did in the war.

Best of luck JC look forward to hearing from you.

Henry Cremer

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