Predecessor to Operation Phyllis Ann By: Joe Martin Here's what I've uncovered so far from USAF records: The earliest mention I've come across of USAF ARDF activities in SEA was a project (ca. 1962) called HILO HATTIE using a C-54. A second project-- perhaps the precursor to HAWKEYE -- was called MONA HI. A C-97 under the name BRAVE BULL is also mentioned, but I'm not sure it was ARDF (or even SIGINT) related. I've seen virtually NOTHING on any of these, so anything is news (at least to me!) HAWKEYE was the prototype C-47 ARDF project. Aircraft 45-00925 was fitted with a "breadboard" system and was deployed to VN between Feb and July 1964. Evidently results were not entirely satisfactory and the bird was returned to CONUS for further modification. A second round of tests began on 31 OCT 65. This time results were VERY good and 925 stayed in VN until it was returned to CONUS in Aug 66 for upgrade to "production" standard ARDF gear. Aircraft 925 was still going strong when I left in Dec 71, and one source lists it as eventually being turned over the VNAF. DRILL PRESS was the name of a "collection only" project involving 43-16254 and 45-00919. Apparently, these aircraft were deployed to VN separately from the PHYLLIS ANN birds. A message of commendation went out to the Army and USAF people who "on short notice, planned and executed a Drill Press mission on the night of 2 September [66] in response to NATIONAL LEVEL [my emphasis] requirements.