Welcome by: Lt. Col. James D. Jelley

Office of the Commander
360th Reconnaissance Squadron
460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (PACAF)
APO San Francisco 96307

Welcome to the most unique Squadron in SEA!

This booklet has been prepaired to "ease the shock"
of you assignment to Southeast Asia. I sincerely
hope that it will answer most of the questions that
have undoubtedly run through your mind since the
notification of this assingment. We are a young
organization, having been activated on 8 Apr 66 but
are growing rapidly. Early growth problems have
been corrected and by the time you arrive we should
be reasonably confortable by Vietnam standards.

Your selection for this program indicates your high
qualifications and your assignment to this unit will
not only benefit you but us as well. I look forward
to meeting you and having you as a member of this
unit. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to
write me.


James D. Jelley, Lt. Col. USAF

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