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Our EC-47 as seen in Denmark

From: Niels Helmo Larsen
Danish Dakota Friends

This coverage is included in 4 Issues of Mr. Larsen's publication "DC-3 NYT" in which the EC-47 made the cover of 2 issues. While most of us will not be able to read the text, we can all appreciate the photos and coverage given our mission; coverage that for the most part been denied here in the U.S. The publications are in PDF format and will take about 30 seconds to load, Well worth the time as we, the EC-47 is covered and photoed in all 4 issues.

1. June 2006 Issue.

2. September 2006 Issue.

3. December 2006 Issue. We made the Cover on this one.

4. March 2007 Issue. We made the Cover on this one too.

5. A Letter from Mr. Niels Helmo Larsen