The Analogy

A Rose Garden
A Correlation

Article written by: James "J.C" C. Wheeler
Published (1992) in the Newsletter of the
Central Arkansas Amateur Radio Club (C.A.R.E.N.) - - - - - - - - "W5OI"

A rose garden, usually is began by the thought process of the individual who eventually becomes the gardener. After careful planning, the garden is set out with first only a few plants, with all hope and attention of expanding over a period of time and growing into a thing of beauty, a sense of pride growing in the gardener as the garden grows.

As time passes, additonal plants are added to the garden to replenish those who did not survive and to increase the number of plants, thus increasing the size of the garden. All the while, the gardener is kept busy attending to the needs of the garden while others are enjoying the beauty from a distance. As the garden continues to grow, so do the task of the gardener. He diligently continues his labors so others may enjoy the beauty of the garden.

Eventually, the garden is of such size that the gardener alone, is unable to accomplish all the tasks required to maintain it's beauty. Still filled with the desire to see the garden continue to grow, he must make a decision. His choices are, get help in performing the required tasks, let the garden become stagnate and remain as is, with no further growth potential, turn the garden over to another gardner who may be able to continue and lastly, to allow the garden to decline, which will inevitably lead to the dyeing off completely of the plants and thus the garden will cease to exist.

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