Reunion 2003 Dayton, Ohio.

This series by Rick Yeh.

General Coolidges addresses the group.

Dave Lucas Presents a 1943 Artwork of a 15 year old French Boy to General Metcalf on behalf of the Air Force Museum. The artwork had belonged to Dave's father who passed on about 3 years ago. Dave and his brother thought the work should be available to all and decided the best place was the Air Force Museum.

1943 Artwork of a 15 year old French Boy during WWII.

General Metcalf accepts the French WWII Artwork for the Museum.

Danny Russell recounts his experience in the shoot-down of Cap-53, the events, the graphic losses and the rescue of the surviving crewmembers and of his second shoot-down the same day when his rescue helicopter was shot down just minutes after it picked him up. There were many teary eyes among the group.

Joe Martin recounts the role of the backenders of the 6994th in the EC-47 Mission.

Charles 'Chuck' Miller recounts the role of the frontenders of the TEWS in the EC-47 Mission.