Nice and appreciated comments

"Nice Un-solicited But Appreciated Remarks"

The quotes below are from remarks in the Guestbook.
I Truly appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thanks, J.C.


"31 Years Ago and this site makes it feel like yesterday" - Bill

"Well done site, a pleasure to read" - Wayne

"Impressive, Informative, Moving, Thank You" - Gerardo

"This has become the best spot for EC-47 and 6994th stuff" - Steve

"Great Site" - Terry

"Been here many times and am always impressed" - Fred

"Great site, easy to look at an read" - Marc

"Informative web-site" - Daniel

"I found it very rewarding" - Dave

"Great web page, very well organized" - Meghan

"Great Site" - Stan

"I love your web-site" - Vickie

"Thanks for making this site available. It is really well done" - John

"You done yourself right proud" - George

"You have a great page here" - Joe

"Great job, pictures are terrific, especially liked the poem" - Sandra

"You have done a fabulous job on your web-site" - Airlee

"Great Page" - Wave

"Original and an excellent contribution to the internet community" - Bob

"Just a return visit. From what started as personal memories of your tour, this site has blossmed into the best resource available for us Drillpress/Phyllis Ann, ((OK DOC Hawkeye for correctness.))" Bob

"Impressive, rarely seen a site with so much information." - Herbert

"I smiled, I laughed, I cried. Thanks for the memories and remembering. - Michael

"Because of your site, I've renewed relationships with fellow airmen that goes back more than 30 years". Jack

And of course this one dated November 28th, 1998 has to be my favorite.
Dad, I just got through looking at your web page. I looked at everything and read most of it. I read all the comments in your guest book. You did a great job. Some of it made me cry. All of it made me proud! Kathie

Mr. Wheeler, I was reviewing your website in greater depth yesterday and was quite impressed. Your dedication and ongoing efforts are not only notable but nearly unique. Never before have I seen an aircraft, a unit, and a mission so well documented -- I believe that largely because of your efforts, the true story of the EC-47 and its mission has been preserved and published. My hat is off to you -- an amazing job.

Thomas Van Hare Publisher, 'Historic Wings'

Your web-page was referred to me by Charles Forman. Who ever put it together did one hell of a fine job. J.D. White

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