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This is an EC-47

The Photos in this series are from the 'Top Secret" EC-47 of the
Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron, (TEWS). If you have similar
photos of any of the three TEWS or 6994th Security Squadron and its
Detachments, contact me at: [email protected] Be sure to have EC-47 in the Subject Line
U.S. Postal Address: J.C. Wheeler - 5648 Highway 21 - Clarksville, AR - 72830

Dig out those old photos like these and
share them with the world.
You will be given credit as the source,
Or they can be displayed anonymously.
It's time we were recognized for our
mission and our accomplishments.

This was the last EC-47 Mission Returning on May 15th, 1974.
The Aircraft was number 43-15204, this data was read from beneath the
Pilots Window on another Photo from a different angle. The man in the
top hatch is Skeeter Dickerson of the 6994th Security Squadron.
This is another of the Last Days Missions Returning. This is
aircraft number 44-76304. Notice all the ANTENNAS on the Aircraft.
These antennas are for all the special radio and special electronics
equipment you will see in the next 2 photos.
This photo of the interior of an early EC-47, was shot from the rear looking forward. Notice the minimal equipment compared to the later versions. Compare it to the next two photos of the later version below. This photo provided by Scott Hegland, Son of Durward J. "Butch" Hegland, a Pilot with the 360th TEWS in 1969/70 (Now Deceased).
This photo of the interior of an early EC-47, was shot from the rear, taken in 1967 Pleiku by David Zullo.
I believe the Navigator in these Photos is James Q. Bunkley Jr.
This is a Very Rare photo of the interior of an EC-47. At that
time, it was illegal to take photos of the 'Top Secret' equipment that
made the EC-47 the most sophisticated version of the C-47. In this Photo
you are looking forward from about the rear door of the aircraft.
This too is a Very Rare photo of the interior of an EC-47.
It too was made and kept in secrecy. In this photo, you are looking
aft from about the cockpit area door.

This too is a Very Rare photo of the interior of an EC-47.
This is another look at the early Navigator Station & Equipment.

This photo shows the VHF Radio on the top, the HF Radio on the bottom
These are located on the Z-1 Console. Very, Very Rare Photo, source
remains anonymous.

This description of the above, provided by Bill Boltinghouse.
Top Receiver is the G-175F VHF capable of tuning 60 thru 260Mhz.
Bottom Receiver is the G-133F, HF capable of tuning 100Khz thru 30Mhz.
Thanks Bill

This too, is a photo, Very, Very Rare, from the Z-1 Operator's Position. It shows the
Radio K-8 Scrambler on the left and the Tape recorder control panel
on the right. This unit was used to record the incoming enemy trafic.
The source of this photo too, remains anonymous.

Recently received ( 1 April, 2006) the information below from Stan Poyas on the equipment in the photo above.

Hi J.C. Just a reminder of the email I had sent a few weeks ago to update the equipment callout errors in the section called "What is an EC-47?". In the 9th photo down there is a callout as a G276B which is in error. It is a G-276A Demodulator that was used on all EC-47's. Also the piece of equipment shown on the right side is a G-184B Recorder Control for the G-176F Tape recorder. It is called out as a G-289 in the paragraph below the picture along with the callout of the G-276B which was a Confidential classified piece of equipment that was not used on any EC-47's.

Thanks again, Regards, Stan Poyas

This too, is a Very, Very Rare photo. The later version of the Navigator's work station. The source of this photo too, remains anonymous.

This too, is a photo, of the later version of the Navigators Work Station. It too is a Very, Very Rare.

This description of the above provided by Bill Boltinghouse.
The Doppler Navigation was provided to the Navigator. Internal to
the 'X' console was a 'gray box' which provided the interface
between the on-board Doppler Radar System and the 'X' console. LOP's
were automated to the extent that the line printer on the Navigator's
console provided printing of those once the 'X' console Operator
'Locked on' to the signal. The map of the area used by the Navigator
along with the UTM (Universal Trans Mercator) display on the readout
on the box on the lower Left of the extended console as seen here in red.
Thanks Bill

And here is another of the interior, the folks in the photo are unknown
to me, but they are on a mission.
NOTE: The Navigator is looking through the Driftmeter, left hand on the
Switch, apparently they are making a Doppler Set Run.
Is this fellow hard at work or writing his girl a letter??

This is a photo of the cockpit, here there are few differences
in it and the average C-47. Note one special piece of equipment, notice
just above the number two Propeller Lever, (the white knob), you will see
the Bendix Weather Radar Screen. This little radar would pick up the
Islands from about 100 miles out on my ferry flight across the pacific.
And with My Navigators, Major Al Mattie and Captain Bob Harris, they
always first appeared, coming right down the middle of the screen.

Courtesy of Norm Taylor
Courtesy of Norm Taylor
Showing Early Work Station Locations
Showing Later Work Station Locations
The page would not be complete without this photo. This photo was
made at the 1st Reunion, May, 1999. We are all 33 years older now than then
From left to right, myself James C. Wheeler, Flight Mechanic, Lt. Col.
Frank E. Hinkle, my Aircraft Commander, Captain Robert M. Harris, my
Navigator. My Pilot, Major Harold R. Lagasse passed on a couple years ago.
The four of us, after the ferry flight over, were able to remain together
and fly 114 Combat Recon Missions together as a crew and come home together.
As far as I know, we were the only crew in the entire wing to do this for
the duration of the mission, Mid 1966 through Mid 1974. Major Al Mattie
and our third Pilot, Captain Anderson from our ferry flight, remained with
the 360th TEWS while the four of us went on to build up the new 361st TEWS
at Nha Trang. Col. Hinkle was Chief of Standardization, Captain Harris was
the Standboard Navigator, I was Standboard Flight Mechanic and Major Lagasse
was an Instructor Pilot. We all rotated around and each could and did
perform in the crew position of every other crew position, maybe not to
perfection, but at least it would have given us a better chance should
something happen to the other.

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