Goodfellow Dedicates Memorial EC-47

October 27th and 28th, 2005, The good folks at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo rolled out the Red Carpet for the folks participating in the dedication of a Memorial EC-47 in front of the new Norma Brown Headquarters Building.

While the early morning, it looked like one might be in England but the fog did lift and the day was beautiful. There was a C-47 fly-over that brought many fond memories to those in attendance who had flown the EC-47's in Vietnam.

All base facilities were well prepaired and the event was very well received by all. I wish to, on behalf of The EC-47 Association, express my thanks to Tom Nurre and the many others who made this such a success.

In addition to the photos here, there are many more available on Al Budington's web-site at:

Newspaper Article on the Dedication

Thanks to Tom Nurre

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