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"A History Denied".

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This DVD, a History Denied the EC-47 Mission in Vietnam/Southeast Asia, was just produced by me, J.C. Wheeler and reproduced commercially in January, 2008. First following introduction/credits and acknowledgements, is a very moving ( In My Opinion ) Video/Audio Memorial Dedication to the men we lost.

This Memorial is followed by an Video Taped interview in San Antonio at the first EC-47 Reunion in 1999, with Col.David Eddy retired, giving his experience as a Navigator with the EC-47, actually the beginning of 'Project Hawkeye', the Predecessor to the RC/EC-47 Mission .

This interview is followed by a color film, 'Combat Cougar' running 8 minutes & 15 seconds, made by the 600th Photographic Squadron at Tan Son Nhut, with the 360th TEWS and the 6994th SS showing and telling what we did and how we did it. Most of this film footage was shot inside the aircraft showing the backend equipment and telling and showing how the enemy transmitters were fixed/plotted and how the crew worked together as a team and what each of the crewmembers did. This and the second film were both shot in 1968 and have been Declassified.

Lt. Gen. Retired James R. Clapper and former Commander 6994th SS Det. 3, speaks to the group at the first reunion in San Antonio at Reunion 1999, about his experiences and tour of duty as a young Captain and Commander of the detachment and the difficulties of a new unit on base and a brief statement of the difference in the Missions flown out of Vietnam and those flown out of Thailand later in the mission, the early 70's. Video Taped.

Next is a shorter, better quality, better outside ground footage of the aircraft from engine start through take-off, but less mission specific than the first film running 5 minutes & 35 seconds, also in color. This film was probably shot on the same day as the first and the Crewmembers are the same.

This is followed by a slide show using photos that I have of our Aircraft Losses and those damaged and/or destroyed on the ground from enemy attacks and ground accidents/incidents. ( with background music )

Ending with another slide show ( also with background music ) using the photo images I have of the various patches and versions worn by our folks including one that recently sold on eBay for $480. There are a number of later versions included that were produced more recently. The EC-47 Memorial Aircraft located on Security Hill, Kelly AFB and at Goodfellow AFB and the Bronze Memorial Plaque at the Air Force Museum.

I think you will really enjoy this DVD and bet many of you will order the second of more copies after you see it the first time. This will be a most interesting and easiest way to tell the 'Kids' and the 'Wife' what dad did during the war. This DVD has a total Run Time of 47 minutes and 30 seconds.

Get a 5 1/2 minute Pre-View of the DVD here on U-Tube.
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$24.95 which Includes Shipping


Additional copies, $22.00 each with each order shipped to the same address. Personal Checks okay. Send Orders to:

J.C. Wheeler
5648 Highway 21
Clarksville, AR 72830

"The EC-47 Experience"the Book.
By: James C. Wheeler MSgt Ret. USAF EC-47 Flight Mechanic, 1966/67 at Nha Trang

"The EC-47 Experience", a History of the EC-47, the Aircraft, it's Special Elecrtonics Equipment, it's Top Secret Mission, it's People and it's Losses. The book tells what we did, how we did it and gives some results of our efforts. The Mission in Southeast Asia lasted from mid 1966 to May 15th, 1974 when the LAST mission, (Cover Photo) landed. It contains personal memories, data from recently declassified documents and some eighty photographs. What a great gift to preserve the memories and history.

All The Books are GONE
James C. Wheeler
5648 Highway 21
Clarksville, AR 72830


"The C-47 Dash-1 Flight Manual"
This is the "Bible" for those flying the C-47.
It comes on a CD with case.
This version is from 15 March, 1963
Changed 1 July, 1966

To order, send $12.00, this includes Packing Shipping
This is for U.S. Shipping only, foreign contact me.
Send Check or Money order to:

James C. Wheeler
5648 Highway 21
Clarksville, AR 72830


Old Tiger Car Badge or Hitch Cover.

Price, $25.00 plus $6.95 Shipping and Insurance
Contact Jim Wright at gunner312(at)qwest.net
replace (at) with the @ in the email address.

Postal Address:
Jim Wright
3605 S. 241st Street
Kent, WA 98302

They are approximately 4" in diameter. 1/4 inch thick. The engraving is approximately .020 deep into the metal.
I fill the engraving with black paint to make it show better and I polish the metal with .400 grit paper and use turtlewax
to protect the polish.

I can also personalize the badge/cover with unit and dates but that makes them about 1 inch bigger, $15.00 additional.

Please send all questions etc. directly to Jim Wright.

If you would like to have you Badge painted to the original colors,

New Contact Information
contact Duby Todd at: crossbow(at)vvm.com

NEW!! Reunion 2002 Memento Items

These coins are 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Price is $5.99 each, 3 for $13.00 or 5 for $20.00.

Contact JVO Weaver at: [email protected]

Either of these "Tee's" are $15.00 for Med - XL; $18.00 for XX - XXL.

Contact: JVO Weaver at: [email protected]

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