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Mission Returns Photos

Goodmorning J.C.

The descriptions that are made in the note are not all correct. It may be true there were later flights in the area but could not have been of tactical nature as far as I know. The last mission day for tactical flights was on 15 May 1974 and was documented by the photos I took at Ubon RTAFB. Some Bravo Maintenance personnel were able to be included in the last mission day flights and one was MSGT Stan Ramsey my shop Supervisor. I wanted to be included on the list but had been assigned to recover the aircraft upon return.

After that last mission day these aircraft were ferried to NKP for the dissasembly and removal of the mission equipment. I was one of the crew that removed the equipment at NKP at a later date and then the aircraft were flown to Clark AB, PI for them to scrap all the aircraft. As I returned to the CONUS via Clark AB, many aircraft had already arrived from NKP and were parked out in front and around the air terminal.

I returned to the CONUS sometime in June 1974 and would have to look for my orders for that reassignment date.

As for numbers of aircraft, and which ones, I have no idea of the dispersal of the mission aircraft other than what I saw.

The photos I took at Ubon shows the crews getting hosed down by the fire department personnel and shows it was the last mission day. For all I know they could have flown an aircraft into Laos after our last mission day but 15 May 1974 at Ubon, RTAFB, Thailand was our last tactical mission day.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Stan Poyas

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