Minutes of the meeting, Reunion 2003

EC-47 Reunion 2003 Location: Best Western @ Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Date: Sept. 18, 2003

EC-47 Association Meeting Minutes:

At 1520 hours the meeting was called to order by JC Wheeler/361st. 87 Members were in attendance along with many spouses and other guests. JC welcomed everyone to this years reunion and that it would be special since the banquet will be held in the Air Museum with a performance by the Air Force band.

Recording Secretary Doug Milton/6994th reported the reunion minutes from 2002. Minutes were accepted and seconded.

Treasurer Jim Trozzo/6994th gave the financial report. The beginning balance as of January 01, 2003 was $5,817.77. And with estimates for this years revenues and expenses, Jim forecast for the ending balance for 2003 will be $4,664.39. Jim made the point that the money is to be spent as it comes in. Financials were accepted and seconded.

JC announced the call for a vote for the next reunion, keeping in mind that during the 2002 reunion, it was voted to have reunions every 15 months or so. The first city nomination was Branson, Missouri and that city report was given by Stan Schloesser, Maintenance Office, 362TEWS. Stan gave some compelling reasons to hold the reunion there and handouts were made available. The next city for nomination was D.C. and that was given by Rick Yeh, 6994th. Rick mentioned the possibility of visiting NSA and its crypto museum. Also possible ceremonies at either the Vietnam Memorial Wall and/or Arlington National Cemetary, where some of the downed airmen are buried.

The final city for nomination was Biloxi, Mississippi, this report was given by Al Budington. 6994th.

All members in attendance were asked to vote by a show of hands for each city. The winning city was Washington D.C. Branson was second and Biloxi was a very distant third. Rick Yeh and Doug Milton will be the lead contacts for the 2005 reunion and will report to JC on its progress.

A motion on the floor to have spouses be eligible to vote, JC asked all infavor to say Yea and those in opposition Nay. The Nays out numbered the Yeas, but JC said that he appreciated the spouses involvement.

Member Darwin Bruce/6994th asked to speak and JC Wheeler gave him the floor. Darwin mentioned the Prop Wash Gang (similar to our group) and that they are seeking new members, he urged anyone who wants to join to email [email protected] or look on the web for Silent Warriors.

A vote for next years officers were taken and the results are: President JC Wheeler 361st First VP Rick Yeh 6994th Second VP Dave Eddy 360th Recording Secty Doug Milton 6994th

A vote for unit reps also was taken and the results are: 6994th Joe Martin 360th Fred Sanders 361st Dave Brooks 362nd Bill Gibbons Their responsibilities are to generate attendance and to work closely with the "key" people for the DC reunion.

Jim Coffman/361st asked the group to be aware of viruses on the web and we don't want to infect the EC47 site. JC responded that the system was in good shape. However, a motion to have a member to be JC's backup. Al Budingtion/6994th volunteered to work with JC as a back up. At this time JC spoke about how thankful he was for all the help Jim Coffman gave to this reunion. A well deserved round of applause for Jim!

Rick Yeh/6994th and one of our photographers since the very first reunion is putting together a collage of his photos and hopes to have that soon.

JC moved that the business side of the meeting be adjourned and all acknowledged.

Raffle time: Jack Hartman/362nd came forward and donated a model of the EC47 (the hard to get Corgi type). JC opened that up for bidding and the top price of $100.00 was bid by Tom Kucher/6994th. Tom then graciously donated that model to JC. JC was very moved from that offer and said he would take very good care of it. Thank you Tom.

JC mentioned that all members should look on Ebay as he saw a 361st patch sold for 232.00. Could other patches and memorabilia of the EC47 era follow?

J.V.D. Weaver/360th donated T-shirts and they were won by Jim Coffman/361st, William Cooke/361st, K.P. Slagle/361st, Ken Versele/362nd, Sam Butler/361st, and Allen Simmons/361st.

EC-47 Lic. Plates were won by Dennis Wagner/362nd and Colonel Griffith/360th EC-47 books were won by William Cooke/362nd, Stan Schloesser, Ben Stuart/6994th,Ken Slagle

Antique Airline pins were won by Shirley Hull/6994th, Dusty Mosier/6994th, Jack Hartman, Robert Wilhelm/6994th, Tom Hutchings/6994th and Hal Arner/361st JC raffled off miscellaneous pins for the ladies and those winners were: Joyce Elmore/360th, Ethel Schloesser/362nd, Janet Wagner/362nd, Nora Doss/361st, Nancy Slagle/361st, Pat Miller/360th and Shirley Hull/6994th.

JC thanks all for attending and the efforts of those who gave presentations. Meeting was adjourned at 1637 hours.

Prior to adjourning a "pass the hat" collection was done to keep the web site up, at total of $224.00 was given to JC.

My apologies to those names I forgot to mention. Respectfully submitted by Recording Secretary - Doug Milton/6994th

REMARKS: There was a lot going on and hard to keep up with all. In all fairness to Doug Milton, I will leave the minutes as written and add that, I believe the $224.00 above was the monies raised at the auction. No harm, No foul, good job Doug.

The amount in the "Pass the hat" was, I believe around $670.00.

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