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The Ham

By: James C. Wheeler (W5IO)

There is this bunch of guys I know,
Who like to talk on the radio.

Around the clock both night and day,
They never run out of something to say.

They talk to each other about this and that,
About problems of the world and how to combat.

New Friendships are born both far and near,
While enjoying this hobby they hold so dear.

They provide the world and our nation,
With a constant flow of information.

From humor to technical the subject may run,
It's all in good taste it's all in fun.

While old timers tell of how to home brew, 
Some sit and talk while sipping a few.

Newcomers join in rather timid at first,
Only to learn they could have done worse.

A wonderful hobby this ham radio game,
Compared to some it may seem rather tame.

Then comes along a need or disaster,
And no others can act any faster.

They load up their gear without hesitation,
And head for the field with emergency stations.

They ask for no pay they cannot accept,
All this is for caring no fees are set.

This is the time when there is no phone,
But because of their hobby you can call home.
Your family assured that you are okay,
Re-enforces the spirit they work this way.

And when it's all over they return to their shack,
Resume their chatter and never look back.

I have received many request to use/duplicate this poem. Feel free to use it in it's present form if you credit the origin. James C. Wheeler (W5OI) email [email protected]