"A little about The People Who Made up the Operation"
A Roster of the 6994th Personnel located to date by Rick Yeh
Unit Awards, with dates and Order Numbers 1966-74
"EC-47" Crewmembers Front, Back and all Maintenance Personel
"EC-47" Personnel PHOTOS, Then and Now
Friends & Acquaintances of EC-47 Crewmembers
The First Days of the 6994th Det. 2 at Pleiku Thanks to Ernest Short
The First Folks Assigned to 6994th Det. 2 at Pleiku Thanks to Ernest Short
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REUNION-99 Attendence Roster
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What were you doing the week of June 3, 1967 ?? Jim Coffman
A Family Request, Can you help identify these folks ?? J.C.
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Memories of Phu Bai James R. 'Jim' Brown
HISTORY from Memory Various EC-47 Crewmembers
Very Early History of the 6994th Bill Ballard and Neil Solomon
One Man's Diary (Rocket Attacks) Doris David, Widow of Luther David
A Personal Email Letter J.M. Shea to Ben Pennell
2 Photos of Lt. Col. Niggle Greg Niggle, son of Col. Niggle
361 Air Crew Members as of 28 April, 67 J.C.
Mike Conner Jr. learns of his father, Mike Conner. Mike Conner Jr.
A Poem on the EC-47. Bach Tran
360th TEWS Flying Schedule Dec 9-15, 1967. Joe Felock
Ditty Boppers, Check this CW Practice out. Danny Russell
361st Members List as of 6 July, 73. Roger M. Tubb.
A Farewell to Comrades. Herb Romero

The ERROR that did appear in the Farewell was an error on MY Part, Not Herb Romero. J.C.

362nd Members Instructor/SEFE William Schlafke
362nd Members Functional Check Flight Qualified William Schlafke
The Bronze Star, 35 years late. Colonel Roy L. Gentry

This Background Photo is of Ken Evans,
Ken was the Mail Clerk with the 361st TEWS, 1966/67.
He returned to McClellan AFB after Vietnam.
If you know how I can contact him, PLEASE,
E-mail me at: [email protected]