362nd Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron


The Information here was supplied by William "Bill" Schlafke 362nd TEWS
It is taken from fire damaged Printed Official Orders so there may be
a few errors in transcription. The Order Number and Effective Date etc.
and in some cases, the rank is missing.
If you notice any errors please let me know. J.C.

Order Authority: PACAFR 60-5 Date of Order, 10 August 1972.
Personell below are designated Instructor/SEFE for their field.

Name:                   Rank:   Crew Position

Black, Walter                   Navigator
Gregory, Gerald                 Navigator
Kayloe, Alvin                   Navigator
Reed, James A.                  Navigator
Stevens, William                Navigator
Williams, Don                   Navigator
Anderson, Neil                  Navigator
Driscoll, Denn??                Navigator
Gibson, William                 Navigator
Harris, Donald G.               Navigator/SEFE
Jouse, Thomas H.                Navigator/SEFE
Reed, John M.           Maj     Navigator/SEFE
Ross, John R.           Maj     Navigator
Schweigerdt, David H.   Maj     Navigator/SEFE
Silvernale, Vernal F.   Maj     Navigator
Steadman, William L. Jr.Maj     Navigator
Albertini, Victor D.    Capt    Navigator/SEFE
Baas, Melvin T.         Capt    Navigator/SEFE
Butler, Davis S.        Capt    Pilot/SEFE
Checkoway, Stanley C.   Capt    Pilot
Cruz, David J.          Capt    Pilot
Duke, Derek L.          Capt    Pilot/SEFE
Gallagher, Frederick G. Capt    Pilot
Guidry, Earl J. Jr.     Capt    Pilot
Hansen, Thomas S.       Capt    Navigator
Harding, Robert D.      Capt    Pilot
Hindman, John R.        Capt    Navigator
Hoffman, Edward G.      Capt    Pilot/SEFE
Jones, Burton B.        Capt    Pilot
Kell, John S.           Capt    Pilot/SEFE
Martin, Kenneth E.      Capt    Pilot/SEFE
McCreary, Hugh B.       Capt    Navigator
Pfaff, Vern R.          Capt    Pilot/SEFE
Stockton, Darryl L.     Capt    Pilot/SEFE
Waringpiper, David A.   Capt    Pilot/SEFE
O'Neil, Reinhard A.     1/Lt    Pilot
Seager, Paul R.         1/Lt    Navigator
Erhardt, John C. Jr.    TSgt    Flt Engr/SEFE
Damron, Charles D.      SSgt    Flt Engr
Johnston, Charles R.    TSgt    Flt Engr
Lownds, John W.         SSgt    Flt Engr/SEFE
Florendo, Victoriano    SSgt    Flt Engr
Cooke, William G.       Sgt     Flt Engr
Dames, Bruce A.         Sgt     Flt Engr/SEFE
Lamb, Bruce A.          Sgt     Flt Engr
Schlafke, William J.    Sgt     Flt Engr
Tousley, Peter G.       Sgt     Flt Engr

Frank A. Cross III, Major USAF
Administration Officer