Family, Friends and Aquaintances of the EC-47 Crewmembers

Friends & Acquaintances of EC-47 Crewmembers

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Philip T. Niggle Greg Niggle W.D. "Bill" Brown Tony Fres

Note from the son of Lt. Col. Harry T. Niggle

Philip T. Niggle Indiana
Lt. Col. Niggle was given his rank posthumously. His plane was 45-1133.
I am his son. - Philip T. Niggle

Note from the son of Lt. Col. Harry T. Niggle

Greg Niggle Reynoldsburg, Ohio
The last picture I have of my Father was taken in Dec of 68. (He was a navigator).
In the photo, he is standing next to a sign which reads:
362 Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron, Home of The Elderly Warriors.
He died in Loas in February of 1969.
Needless to say I read every word of your story twice!
Thanks for bring Maj Harry T. Niggle back for a few moments.
Greg Niggle

William D.(Bill) Brown - Served the year 1970 with the 6924th SS at Da Nang. Bill says, I served as a 20250 Day Lady at the 6924th and remember that the 6994ths area was just down the road from our compound. My memory has soured on me in the past year or so, but I seem to recall that one or two of the guys with whom I served in San Antonio (either at USAFSCC or on Baker Flight with the 6993rd) also served in the 6994th while I was in the 6924th.

I can remember the guys in the ops area talking about "keeping the guys in the Birds happy" during a mission, usually by just talking to them. I didn't know anything of the BARON 52 loss until a few weeks ago. I was stunned at the info and felt a great sense of loss. The entire story will probably never be known. What a sad waste of lives.

I wish the best to any of my friends from the 6924th and hold the highest respect for the work and sheer guts of the work of the men of the 6994th. Bill's E-mail address :[email protected]

Tony Kres says, I enlisted in the AF in 1968. My first assignement was to the 4410 CCTW at England AFB, La. as a recip propeller mechanic. The first acft I ever worked on was a C-47. Later was stationed at Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN from 1970-1972 working on EC-47s, C-123Ks. Later crossed trained as a C-130 Flt Engineer. Retired from active duty in 1993. I think your site is great. The only real airplanes have recip engines, JETS ARE FOR KIDS!!! My dream is be alive when a C-47 returns the last C-17(gag, barf, and puke) crew from the bone yard. Tony's E-mail address :[email protected]

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