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John E. Lawson 361st Pilot Ret/Deceased

Received: January 24, 1999 From: Glen K. Lawson, Osan AB, ROK

I just stumbled across your page and it brought back memories of my father, Lt Col John E. Lawson (Ret/Dec). He was a pilot in the 361 TEWS during his stay in SEA (early 70s). Unfortunately I was young at the time of the war and he passed away while I was still too young to completely understand what all he did during the war. I have gone on to join the USAF and now Fly F-16s. I am a veteran of the Persian Gulf War and dropped tons of bombs on Saddam during that war. I have also served in the Euroean Theater and am now in Korea. I will soon be in Texas teaching the next generation of USAF pilots how to fly. If you have any information regarding the history of my father in SEA, please send it to me. Thanks....Glen K. Lawson

Here is a RESPONSE.

In scrawling through (Looking for information on EC-47 Mission Personnel, I came across the inquire submitted by Glen K. Lawson. At that time he was stationed at Osan AB,ROK,Jan.24,1999. He has requested information about his father, Lt.Col. John Lawson from anyone who served with John  in the TEWS. John was in my SQ during my tour and was a friend. We served together at Reese AFB as IP,s in B-25's and were backyard neighbors as well.
I would like to establish contact with him and give him information about his Dad while we were in the TEWS. Thanks Charles E. Norby E-mail: [email protected]

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