Bronze Star, 35 Years Late.

In an Awards Ceremony at Little Rock Air Force Base Arkansas, retired Colonel and EC-47 Pilot Roy L. Gentry of Little Rock, was awarded the Bronze Star. Colonel Gentry had been nominated for the award in 1967 but the award paperwork got missplace and was only recently located, some 35 years later.

The attendees for the presentation included many of the Colonel's family members and a few of the fellow crewmembers from the 1967 era with the EC-47's in Vietnam. Colonel (Retired) Al Reeser came in from Alabama as did Colonel (Retired) Chuck Sutton came in from Texas for the event. Also from the local area, were former EC-47 Crewmembers, Lt. Colonel (Retired) Robert M. Harris from Jacksonville Arkansas and MSgt (Retired) James C. Wheeler from Clarksville Arkansas.

There was also a large group of Active Duty men from Little Rock AFB, especially from the upper enlisted ranks.