A Personal Letter

Mr. Connelly and MR. Benjamin Pennell

I wanted to write to you because I read your rememberances on the Virtual Wall. My brother, Maj. Daniel F. Shea, was a C-130 pilot and now is training in the reserves on a C-5. In early spring of 1996 (maybe it was February?) my brother was part of a fly over (i'm sorry I don't know the exact military vocabulary) for a burial service at Arlington Cemetary for members of the EC 47 that was downed in Laos in February of 1973. I went to the burial service because my brother asked me to (we live right by Arlington). I read your emails and called Arlington Cemetary just now (703-607-8052), to verify that Todd M. Melton was buried there at this service. It is grave section 34, by Grant Drive. If you go to Arlington, it is very easy to locate the site when you go into the visitor center. It is at the bottom of a sloping hill, and the view is vast and silencing in its beauty.

I also checked and Peter Cressman was buried in the same place in 1996, and when I was there, there were many families present. I'm assuming therefore, that other members of that EC 47 are also buried there (Dale Brandenberg, Severno Primm, George Spitz).

I hope you have the chance to go to their grave sites. That day was one of the most beautiful and moving moments I have ever experienced. I remain in greatest awe and admiration for the men and women that served in Vietnam. I hope this helps,


J.M. Shea