Thank you All

I would like to take this means of saying Thank You to all of you who have made such valuable contributions to this Web-Site. I have put many hundreds hours of work into this site, adding data, combining data, correcting dumb mistakes and just plain old revamping portions that I thought could look just a little bit better. Many days, starting at 06:00 and ending at 23:00 or later in a few cases. This would not have been possible without the help and information received from you, primarily the folks that made up the EC-47 Operations in Southeast Asia.

Just take a look in the Site Directory at all the articles, stories, photos, etc. that have been provided, and continue to be provided, by you folks, the visitors.

I am very happy with the way the site has grown and of the compliments, comments and remarks, about the site. It has grown far faster than I ever expected and this is because of the steady inflow of information I have received. And as I am pleased to say, I have had a few comments, referring to "Our Site", and that is exactly what I hope each one of you feel. You were part of the operation and should be considered likewise here.

As you know, this started as just and overview of my 20 year Air Force Career. It did not take long for the ballooning effect to take charge and dominate, around the period the EC-47's were in operation in Southeast Asia, 1966 into 1974. This turned into a great effort to unite old friends and acquaintances of the EC-47 operations in Southeast Asia. All the folks, that had any connection to the operations have been welcomed and encouraged to make their information contributions a part of the site and will continue to be. This does not preclude anyone having pertinent information from doing likewise and being given credit for that information. There are several instances where this has already been the case.

I hope this site will continue to grow and be considered to be of historical value, now and in the future. I think that if the information continues to come in as in the past few months, this will be the case. I hope you have noticed that almost all of the data is maintained on this web-site, not through links to other sites. There are a few exceptions, but only a few, such as a list of some of my favorite sites etc.. Also, there is nothing, and will be nothing on this site that you would object to your six year old grandaughter reading or seeing. It is my intention to keep it this way and to keep the site up as long as I am physically able and I think I have a few more years to go.

I would also like to encourage you to bring to my attention, any errors that you find on this web-site, regardless of how small. I will do my best to correct them immediately. You can find my e-mail address at several other locations on this web-site.

Thanks, James C. (J.C.) Wheeler, MSgt Retired U.S. Air Force 1955-75

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