In the Beginning

Detachment 2, 6994TH Security Squadron

Detachment 2, 6994th Security Squadron was organized on 1 Sep 1966. The unit was assigned two Old French buildings for Operations, Maintenance and Administration. These buildings were in a state of disrepair and required extensive remodeling to meet mission requirements. In addition, requirements existed such that a building and associated facilities were constructed within the 330th Radio Research Company located with the 25th Infantry Division.

During the first two months of the Detachment's existence, technicians were used as construction engineers and everything else imaginable. In addition to erecting the Quonset hut at the 330th RRC, Detachment personnel rewired buildings, installed fluorescent lighting, installed the Operations security fence, poured concrete, laid generator pads, sidewalks and otherwise performed in jobs not related to their specialties.

Since that time the Detachment has come far and accomplished much. All sections: Operations, Communications, Materiel, Maintenance, Supply, Administration Personnel and Security and Law Enforcement have contributed their share to make the unit an organization that one can be proud of having been a part of.

It is with all sincerity that the personnel of Detachment 2, 6994th Security Squadron, Pleiku Air Base, Republic of Vietnam, congratulate you on your leadership and accomplishments as Commander and thank you for your comradeship and "willing ear" as a friend. With equal sincerity we wish you the best possible success in your forthcoming job and in all future assignments.

Ernest Short

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