A Poem
Provided by: Bach Tran

Hi J.C. Wheeler I am B. Tran, I would like send to you a poem for our member.

Who Are You!

EC-47! EC-47! the iron birds
not afraid, loneliness in the sky
we fly and never shy
the foe hidden we will find the true
we are small and the sky is huge
EC-47! the iron birds still fly under blue
thousand rockets point to the bird
we still cool enter to the hero zone
never mind come back or we have to gone
only one thing the mission must be done
Country, Honor and duty
in our heart, we shine the liberty
in the Nam or in the world
liberty! the birds have to go far and far
connecting with the mission on the earth
who are you! who are you!
Yes, you are the solder of unknown but love freedom
the son beloved of South Viet Nam and America
there are TEWs of the hero EC-47 in the Nam.

B. Tran.
To the airmen EC-47 of US Air Force and South
Viet Nam Air Force.

Will see you again! Bach Tran.

Bach Tran