Looking for Names of these individuals
in the photos below who might have known and or worked
with Sgt Michael McIntosh, shown in first photo.

A family member provided these photos and is seeking names and
addresses for the individuals if possible. If you can identify any of
these folks please email J.C. with the Photo Number, name and if possible
email and US Postal address, send to:
[email protected] Thanks, J.C.

All people have been identified EXCEPT photo 4, the fellow with the
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Thanks to Phil Pratt. If you can ID photo 4, please let me know. J.C.

Photo of Sgt Michael McIntosh, 6994th Det. 2 1970/71
Photo 1 (Man it the door looks to me like Peter T. Zamboni, other UNK J.C.)
Photo 3 (Peter T. Zamboni)
Photo 5 (Lt. Phil Pratt Rt. Vern Holm)
Photo 6 (Vern Holm)
Photo 7 (Vern Holm)
Left Photo 2 (Phil Pratt) - - Right Photo 4 (Is This Bill Allison ???)
I have received word from Richard Bonazza that the fellow with the PBR is
Bill Allison. Thanks Richard.
Photo 8 (Phil Pratt)

If you can name any of these folks email J.C.

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