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Hello to all, I am as always, still looking for photos of the interior especially those that focus on or around the "SPECIAL EQUIPMENT". I know that at that time, such photos were taboo, but I am sure there are photos out there somewhere. If you have such photos, I would really like to have them on the site under "What is an EC-47?" I can post them with or without their revealing their source.
Email Me, J.C.

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Looking for Folks in 361st at Phu Cat1970-71 - - - Bill Hollenbeck

Need information on: - - - Thomas Foley Jr.

Need information on: - - - Louis J. Clever

Let's Build an EC-47 Crewmembers Listing File.

Do You remember Jim Bolton from the 94th??

A letter from Larry Bridges.

My wife is the daughter of SSgt. Louis J. Clever that is mentioned in the story of the EC47. For years she has been attempting, without much success t find out the exact story of how her father died in Vietnam. She just erecently said that his remains had actually been returned, but there is no confirmation of this. It would be greatly appreciated if you can send any information concerning SSgt Clever, expecially names of fellow crewmen or others that may have known him so I can pass this on to my wife. Thank you for your assistance. Larry Bridges my email address is [email protected]

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Building a list of all known EC-47 Mission Personnel.

Do you have any old orders or other documents that have the names and Service Numbers of any of the people that were involved with the EC-47 Mission? These include people from any squadron or detachment. If you have such items, and will enter them into a text file listing, including the Name, Service Number, Squadron, Base and year, send it to me, ( Preferrably via E-mail ), I will compile them all into one list and post it on the web-site. You and others can use this information to help locate old friends.

Send the lists to me at ---- [email protected]

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Do You Remember Jim Bolton?

Jim is looking for anyone who remembers him from the 94th Det. at Nha Trang or NKP between Dec. 1971 and Feb. 1972.

If you remember him, please contact him at ---- [email protected]

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Did you remember a Thomas Foley Jr.?

Folks, I have received several emails from a young lady who is trying to locate her biological father. The lady's name is JoAnn Tanner. She is trying to locate a Thomas Foley Jr. believed to have been born in 1936. He was in the Air Force and believed to have been a Captain and possibly was maybe a pilot or navigator. JoAnn has ran the gauntlet of Air Force Channels with no luck. If you have any information on Mr. Thomas Foley Jr., Please contact JoAnn via email at: [email protected] I also have a phone number for her and will release it only to persons known to me. THANKS, J.C.

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Looking for Folks in 361st at Phu Cat1970-71

Posted Sept. 18th, 2009

Need help locating specific personnel stationed at Phu Cat in 1970-71. Specifically, 361 TEWS Lt. Doug Smith, Lt Robert B Walker, Maj Calvin W Sandford. Also, Det 1 6994 Sgt. James R. Robinson. Please email Bill Hollenbeck at [email protected]

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