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A Report of One Result of our "Transmitter Fixes"

Thanks to Jim Roper - via - Gene Rossel

Just received this and thought you would be interested.
Gene Rossel

I'm replying to Bob Wilhelm's post about EC-47s, (Callsign Towhead?) but perhaps all might be interested. The Intel type at Lima-54 was a crusty ol' civilianized master sergeant named Dit--a lot like Ken Griswold. He ran a tight ship. Briefed by exception. He posted the pertinent info on the wall, and we asked any questions we had.

One of his clipboards had the EC-47 data (radio triangulation's) from the previous 24 hours. I would plot this information in purple grease on my map. Depending on the type of radio, you could usually see a pattern--a regular order of battle. I would use it to find and kill the Commie bastards. Usually, reports from the ground, and a million other issues like military crest, water sources, etc., played in the equation, but the radio cuts sure helped, and I used them everyday when I was Raven 12.

On one day during the rainy season I found one cut that was moved back from the rest. Using the EC-47 coordinates alone I found a small cave at the location. I went down and peeked inside, and saw tables and chairs. Must have been a regimental HQ. Half an hour later, I showed F-4s my find, and they put two (not just one) 2000 laser guided bombs in there. Hellooooo? Anbody home?

Hope this calrifies what happened to your efforts,

Best wishes, Jim Roper


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