Reunion 2008 Report

"Business Meeting Minutes"

EC-47 Minutes – Reunion 2008

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Rick Yeh at 1510 hours.

46 members in attendance for the meeting (many others were still on tour downtown)

Introduction to current board members:
President JC Wheeler 361st Nha Trang
Vice President Rick Yeh 6994th
Treasurer Jim Trozzo 6994th
Recording Secretary Doug Milton 6994th

Doug Milton read minutes of last reunion. Motion to accept was noted and seconded.

Treasurer’s report by Jim Trozzo. The reunion organizer “Reunion Brat” was paid from our funds for all events, a small amount was paid to the hotel for additional refreshments and snacks after we ran out. Surplus of funds will be kept in accordance with IRS rules. Motion to accept and seconded.

Rick Yeh welcomed all to this year’s reunion and for the first time use of a professional organizer was used (Reunion Brat), this company will free up JC to finally enjoy a reunion with the worries turned over to them.

Old news item: To come up with an EC 47 Association logo that fits all units.. Current logo of the Tiger is known mainly to the TEWs crews. A “keepsake design” has been suggested. Let’s see if we can have one done by July 09, 2009. Submit your ideas to JC. (Check the EC47 History web site!)

New items: JC spoke of the Texas Tech history study of the VN War, and if anyone of us had any old orders to send them to JC for inclusion of the EC47 mission & its crews in that study.

Rick Yeh: Eliminate the office of 2nd Vice President. Motion sent to the floor and majority agreed it a good idea. Motion passed: no 2nd VP.

Election of new officers: Motion by Leon Heying to keep the current officers was overwhelmingly voted in favor: the current officers will remain for another term.

JC: Reunion Brat - Overall did a very fine job. A motion to use them again for the next reunion was presented and accepted by the attendees. JC will contact them again. It was our first time using them and some glitches had occurred. JC will suggest to them: Post a day-to-day itinerary of events and/or come up with a flyer handout. To make sure that enough refreshments are on hand! The “Name Button” was OK, but let’s go back to the Name Card (with unit and year served), Let’s make sure that the tours have enough time to conclude without interfering with other events (business meeting).

JC commented about his disappointment at the “Re-dedication Ceremony” that our EC47 Association (which had over 100 in attendance) was totally overlooked and that the loss EC47 crews was never even mentioned. A reading of recent “passed aways” was done but not one name of the crews who were lost on EC47 missions was read. JC suggests that we write to the Command ISR and to the FTA-94IS to voice our displeasure.

Rick introduces Skeeter Dickerson of the 6994th (Nakon Phanom) who had over 750 missions, an unbelievable number. Skeeter was at the very first reunion, and vows not to miss any more.

Bill Francis, (again, Bill did a terrific job at the dinner) spoke about the reunion dinner: Col. Griffith will be the main speaker. Our heartfelt thanks to him because he recently lost his wife just a week earlier. His family of about 24 will be at the dinner (and they were! A great bunch of guys and gals). Pham Dan and his wife Denise will be honored guests and Pham will make a presentation. Paul and Nita Clever are also honored guests, as Paul is the son of Tech Sgt Louis Clever, onboard Cap 72 loss on Feb 05, 1969.

Vote for the next reunion:  Site nominees and voting results are: 
Ft. Walton Beach (Fla)      25 votes
Nashville, TN                9 votes
Las Vegas                    5 votes
Phoenix & Cocoa Beach        1 vote each

Reunion will be held the second or third week of May 2010. JC will get back to us of more details as the time goes by.

JC urges all to be reminded that he get thousands of spam daily, so when you send him an email please use EC47 in the subject line.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 1700 hours. Busses for dinner leave at 1730.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Milton (with apologies to those names I omitted)