Mystery EC-47 Photo


Someone sent this scanned photo to me several months ago. Unfortunately, I lost some of my E-mail files, including the name and address of the photographer. I seem to recall he was a maintenance type and that the picture was taken at Nha Trang.

The photo is of interest because it shows EC-47N 43-15979 which, flying as RARE 08, was hit by AAA over Laos on 24 APR 68. No casualties resulted and the aircraft made an emergency landing at NKP. However, damage was sufficient to keep the aircraft out of service until until 16 June.

This picture must have been taken about that time -- note the fresh paint on the tail! If this photo is yours, please contact Joe Martin at:

[email protected]

17 April, 1999 - - My Aircraft Commander Lt. Col. Frank E. Hinkle, from 1966/67 with the 361st TEWS at Nha Trang was visiting me. We were talking about our ferry flight to Tan Son Nhut from Grenier Field New Hampshire in September of 1966. I ask him if he recalled the Tail Number of the Aircraft we ferried over. He said without any prompting, that 979 came to mind, but he was unsure. I rechecked the EC-47 tail numbers and wa-laa here it is in this photo. If anyone knows just when this aircraft arrived in country, please contact me, J.C. Wheeler, email [email protected]

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