More on The Flight of Brew 41

A Section of Photos of BREW 41 "44-77016"

"Photos supplied by: David Lott"
"Flight Mechanic of Brew 41"

The crew of Brew 41, left to right with the PACAF Order of the Able Aeronaut Awards.
Lt. Col. Robert E. Dobyns, Major John J. Polites, 2nd Lieutenant Stanley R. Marks II, SSgt David J. Lott, SSgt Louis R. Stennes and SSgt Kenneth J. Corbin
Lt.Col. Dobyns received the "Silver Star" and the other crewmembers received
"The Distinguished Flying Cross" for their efforts during the shootdown of Brew 41.
SSgt David J. Lott receives the Distinguished Flying Cross
The Canibalization Worms at work. Removing all the special equipment an
usable parts for reuse on other aircraft.
The four photos above are of Davids Fini-Flight Party,
still soaking wet from his hose-down after landing.

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