Known Transfers of EC-47's to SVNAF

"Known Transfers of EC-47's to SVNAF"

Provided by: Matt Miller

I have listed the transfers of the EC-47's to the SVNAF as I know them. These are listed below.

EC-47N and EC-47P airplanes transferred to South Vietnam Air Force

EC-47N and EC-47P airplanes with 718 Squadron of the SVNAF in November 1972. These were probably transferred from the USAF during implementation of Project Enhance Plus.

Source: a privately published British magazine, British Aviation Review, August 1974

The first data are the individual airplane codes. They were normally written on the vertical stabilizer. The first letter represented the squadron and was usually rendered in a smaller font than the second letter that represents the individual airplane. In later photos, the appearance of the codes was greatly simplified. These have been included to aid in identification of any photos that may exist.

Note that the final airplane, 42-23520, is reported in several Air Force records to have crashed on 2 May 1944 in Burma. However, this airplane is listed in several records as converted to an EC-47N for use in Vietnam. Clearly, one or other record is incorrect.

        	wA  45-1044     wB  43-48886    wC  45-1046
        	wD  43-48480    wE  43-48158    wF  43-48871
        	wG  43-48767    wH  43-48933    wI  43-16095
        	wK  43-48947    wL  44-76668    wM  42-100984
        	wN  42-93166    wO  43-16055    wP  43-15603
        	wQ  43-49009    wR  43-49013    wS  42-93735
        	wT  43-15112    wU  43-49126    wV  42-100950
        	wX  42-23520

Other EC-47 airplanes were transferred to the SVNAF also. These were probably held in reserve or used for spares. The following have been reported.

        	42-93161    42-100513   42-108980   43-15668
        	43-15979    43-15980    43-16123    43-49703
        	43-49865    44-76524    45-0925 

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