Assignment History of EC-47 Number 43-49009

"The Assignment History of EC-47 43-49009 (Balls 9 a.)."

If you have any data on the EC-47 or its Mission, Please send it to me.

Thanks to Guy Plumley

C-47B (EC-47P), s/n 43-49009

Thank you for your request. We have attached our assignments for the EC-47P, s/n 43-49009. It appears, from our records, that this aircraft served in World War II in Europe, was a research aircraft for the Air Research and Development Command, operated as a troop transport a second time in Minnesota, and then went to Vietnam as an EC-47. However, our records show that the aircraft operated from Tan Son Nhut AB, with deployments to Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, until it was turned over to the Vietnamese in 1972.

We hope this information is of some value to you.

Sincerely Archie DiFante Archivist (334) 953-2447

Manufactured by Douglas Aircraft, Oklahoma City OK and delivered to the USAAF on 18 Oct 1944.

Oct 1944 Departed US for Ninth Air Force, European Theater of Operations

Jul 1945 Returned to US and placed in storage at San Bernardino Air Depot CA

Mar 1946 To 4000th AAF Base Unit (Air Materiel Command), Patterson AAF OH (to EC-47D)

Dec 1946 To 2750th Air Base Group (AMC), Patterson AAF

Oct 1949 To 2750th Air Base Wing (AMC), Wright-Patterson AFB OH

Apr 1951 To HQ Air Research and Development Command, Wright-Patterson AFB

Aug 1951 To Wright Air Development Center (ARDC), Wright-Patterson AFB

Jan 1958 To Cambridge Research Center (ARDC), L. G. Hanscom AFB MA (to C-47D)

Jun 1959 To 2587th Air Base Group (Continental Air Command), Ellington Field TX

Nov 1959 To 2465th Air Base Group (CAC), Minneapolis-St. Paul AP MN

Oct 1960 To 96th Troop Carrier (Medium) Squadron (CAC), Minneapolis-St. Paul AP

Mar 1963 To 440th Troop Carrier (M) Wing (CAC), Minneapolis-St. Paul AP

May 1963 To 934th Troop Carrier (M) Group (CAC), Minneapolis-St. Paul AP

Oct 1966 To Mobile Air Logistics Area, Brookley AFB AL (to RC-47P)

Jan 1967 To 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (Pacific Air Forces), Tan Son Nhut AB Vietnam (to EC-47P, deployments to Nakhon Phanom RTAFB Thailand and Kadena AB Japan)

Sep 1971 To 483rd Tactical Airlift Wing (PACAF), Tan Son Nhut AB

Feb 1972 To 377th Air Base Wing (PACAF), Tan Son Nhut AB

Nov 1972 Dropped from inventory by transfer to another country under the Military Assistance Plan