“The highlights of my career came while, flying as Flight Mechanic or Flight Engineer on the C-47 and T-29 at Sheppard AFB. Crossing the Pacific, in an EC-47 in 1966, under Project Phyllis Ann. Flight Mechanic on the EC-47 with the 360th TEWS, Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron, at Tan Son Nhut and the 361st TEWS at Nha Trang, Vietnam.

“Flight Engineer on, and chance to make a landing at Athens Greece in the C-130E while flying with the 62nd TAS at Little Rock AFB, and 2 tours as Flight Mechanic on the C-124 with the 19th Logistics Support Squadron, or the 19th Log, at Kelly AFB. Also an assignment to Lajes AB in the Azores Islands and McGuire AFB. Many fond memories of people, places and adventures.

James C. Wheeler
MSgt (Ret.) U.S. Air Force






In his retirement years, J.C. took off into cyberspace. The result was the EC-47 History website, which he launched in 1997. “Through these pages”, as J.C. put it, “I hope to make contact with some of the folks I have worked with over the past 40 some years. Especially those from my Military career.”

J.C.’s hopes have been realized in ways even he couldn’t have imagined when he wrote those words back then. Over the past 17 years, hundreds of former EC-47 crewmen and ground support troops have renewed old friendships—and made many new ones—thanks to this website. Likewise, the history of the EC-47 has been preserved for veterans, their families, or anyone else with an interest in the “Electric Goon” and its unique role in the Vietnam War.

Thanks, J.C. !

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